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Partnership Options

Whether your organization is in need of a trained marketer to represent you full time, or if you are looking for a quick design from our creative graphics team, The Lewis Marketing Group is well equipped to service your business needs. Read through our partnership options and contact us today to begin expanding your company's reach!​


Most common partnership!


In this role, we create the marketing plan, empower the business owner, and we also work with the staff individually to ensure they are trained to do the job well. We also help with the initial execution of the campaign, but leave the day-to-day details to for your organization. This partnership is often used for social media trainings, public speaking coaching, or a specific project.




In this role, Lewis Marketing serves in a short-term capacity. Our aim is to establish the marketing plan, strategy and analytics, then empower you, the business owner, to execute the plan.



In this role, Lewis Marketing does all of the above PLUS work the day-to-day. We call to negotiate prices, plan events, post on all social media accounts, branding, graphic and web design, team trainings- the works!  We personally ensure the execution of all agreed upon marketing strategies and build upon all successes. The Lewis Marketing team becomes a team member- your team member.



A La Carte Services

Not looking for a full time marketer? Check out some of our A La Carte services to get you started!

Due to project range, all prices are discussed with Lewis Marketing prior to execution

Logo & Graphic Design


Lewis Marketing is proud to offer the most marketable, creative art pieces to take your business to the next level. Logos design, rack cards, fliers, posters, business cards, banners,

t-shirts- you name it, we create it!



Website Design


An attractive website is one of the most essential  assets to a trustworthy business. Lewis Marketing has a team of experienced web developers that work closely with you to establish and market your brand and unique difference.



Print Services


Lewis Marketing offers the highest quality of printing services at the best prices. Rack cards, post cards, posters, banners, business cards- everything.

Executive Event Planning


Proper planning for your next professional conferences, award ceremony, job fair, or launch party is key to your events success. Lewis Marketing is excited to offer full event planning and day of coordination packages for all of your executive events.

Social Media Marketing


This permits Lewis Marketing to manage all of your company's practical social media accounts. This includes photos, videos, content, and offers.



Blog Posts


Blog posts are the easiest way to ensure fresh content on web pages and social media accounts. Blog posts will vary in price dependent on length and research needed.



PowerPoint Presentation


This option contracts Lewis Marketing to create a viable, vibrant, and effective PowerPoint for your next business presentation.



Public Speaking Coaching/ Correspondence Review


This option is most commonly used when business owners or key team leaders are asked to speak at conferences, would like to revamp sales language, or review day to day to emails.

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